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Exciting Business Opportunity Infrared Body Wraps


Vitamins Available Now !

Infrared Body Wrap Maintenance Kit


All 4 items only $45.99


to order your kit TODAY! 
We will also ship your items if they are not in stock!



Cellulite Firming Treatment – 12 oz—$19.99
DESIGNED FOR WOMEN WHO ARE CELLULITE CONSCIENCE! Infused with a powerful blend of active ingredients to help correct the imperfections of cellulite. Provides intense hydration, while assisting with the elimination of waste trapped in the skin tissue.


Seaweed Cellulite Toning Bar –5.5 oz--$6.00
Everyone's Favorite Soap!! Our big, 5.5 oz.. soap bar is enriched with natural seaweed and vitamin E. Special cellulite massage nubs work to increase circulation and help tone your skin. Makes skin feel clean and moisturized. Gender friendly!!


Body Milk Hydrator-  8 oz--$12.99
Body Milk hydrating spray is essential for use after bath, your favorite body-care treatment, or anytime you feel the need to moisturize. Ingredients include concentrated minerals and vitamins from sea plants.


Body Scrub-- 9 oz--$14.99
Expose your skin's natural beauty! This organic bamboo and Italian volcanic pumice gently exfoliates and polishes skin for a smooth, healthier-looking complexion.