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International Laser Therapy Wellness Retreats
Now offer Stop Smoking & Weight Loss Retreats

The International Laser Therapy (ILT) Center is hosting four fabulous Stop smoking Wellness & Lifestyle Luxury Retreats throughout the year.

Aimed at rejuvenating and invigorating the mind and body, these retreats will incorporate Laser Therapy, spa treatments, nutrition, and workshops and provide you with practical tools to incorporate into your daily life.

ILT has developed the flexible program to help clients to successfully detox the body of all nicotine, work on changing habits, relax and distress without dealing with everyday challenges. Each morning will begin with therapy, followed by mid morning workshops and discussions. Free time, spa treatments and optional tours will also be feature. The retreat fee will include accommodation, meals, laser treatments and all workshops.

The program is well designed to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.
A gourmet welcome dinner will be prepared by our team of excellent chef’s and will provide an opportunity to meet and chat with all involved over the 3 days.
If you are looking to reaffirm your positive lifestyle or searching for a way to begin on a path of healthy living, these retreats are a lovely break from the everyday stresses and a chance to connect with other likeminded people.

The Retreat includes accommodation in a luxurious bedroom suite, meals, laser treatments and a full range of activities, classes and workshops.
For details on upcoming retreats for 2014 or to register your interest please fill out the form below. The retreats experience is second to none. So come experience it for yourself.

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